Happy 450th Birthday, Bard!

April 23, 1564

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happy birth/deathday to my favorite playwright ever, william shakespeare!

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Hello friends! Many of you have felt very upset lately. This is a list of resources you can keep track of to try to cheer up. I hope it helps!

If you or someone you know is at risk for suicide:

Woof! This list will be updated as often as I can. I hope you all feel better my friends!

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Francis and Mary's Theme
Trevor Morris
Reign OST
5,384 plays

Francis and Mary’s theme, composed by Trevor Morris, is featured in their most prominent scenes, such as 1x04, by the lakeside, 1x07, Francis telling Mary he loves her, 1x08, Francis’ proposal, and 1x13, Mary reuniting with Francis.

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…the use of the term Mary-Sue comes with an obvious assumption attached: if characters like this are simply unacceptable by definition, then there must be other types of characters out there that are OK. After all, not every single female character ever written can possibly be a Mary-Sue. Even the people who cling to the term Mary-Sue as if it was their long-lost twin would not dispute that.

The Mary-Sue is a ‘fake girl’. A plastic girl, an unrealistic girl, a perfect girl. Her opposite number in that case must be a real girl. A human girl. A realistic girl. An imperfect girl. Fictional ladies whose failures and flaws are right there on the page. Ladies who cannot be dismissed as ‘too perfect’ or ‘wish fulfilment’. Let’s call this type of character a Sarah-Jane.

Now, because Sarah-Janes are in total contrast to the Mary-Sue, defying all the traits that are supposed to make a Mary-Sue unacceptable, then the Sarah-Jane, by definition, must be acceptable. I mean, obviously they’re not as tightly defined as the Mary-Sue type, and because their major trait is that they’re realistic, they’re going to vary a lot. But they must be the kind of character that readers want to see. The kind that readers will embrace. The kind that they will at least give a chance.


Yeah. No. It turns out the vast majority of talk about Sarah-Janes - realistic, flawed, prominent female characters in fiction - *still* centres on what is wrong with them, and all the reasons they are SO ANNOYING for… not being perfect?

Zoë Marriott, “Real Girls, Fake Girls, Everybody Hates Girls”

This is just a sample of a long and thoughtful essay — check out the rest!

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mix: xii. broken crown, a mix for prince hamlet (listen)

i. broken crown - mumford & sons (so crawl on my belly ‘til the sun goes down, i’ll never wear your broken crown) | ii. caring is creepy - the shins (all these squawking birds won’t quit, building nothing, laying bricks.) | iii. the draw  - bastille (are you drifting way beyond what’s normal) | iv. monster - imagine dragons (i get the feeling just because everything I touch isn’t dark enough) | v. cough syrup -  young the giant (i’m losing my mind losing my mind losing control) | vi. papa power - dead man’s bones (broken glass, broken hearts)  | vii. bottom of the river - delta rae (don’t you lift him, let him drown alive) | viii. thoughts of flight - edmund (one more day of perfect terror, close my eyes and i’m still there) | ix. push - marianas trench(it started with a handgun loaded with excuses) | x. mad world - gary jules (and through it all, the rise and fall, the bodies in the streets)| xi. seven devils- florence + the machine (i’m gonna raise the stakes; i’m gonna smoke you out) xii. guilty filthy soul - awolnation (cause you gotta guilty, filthy soul, don’t ya know it’s out of your control)

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The Impalpable Dream of Religion Ad


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